Gathering Guests for a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are challenging to plan and also difficult to get your loved ones to attend. While many of your friends and family members are likely interested in seeing your wedding ceremony, many people are unable to make the financial or time commitment to travel a significant distance for your wedding. If it is your dream to have a destination wedding there are several steps that you can take to increase the chance that your friends and family will attend.

Plan Well in Advance

Planning your wedding significantly in advance should give your friends and family members sufficient time to prepare themselves to attend and to budget for the cost of doing so. At an absolute minimum, you should send out invitations three to six months in advance of the date, with the greater time frame being provided for those more exotic and expensive destinations. Not only will your potential guests need to set aside money to travel to your wedding location, they will also need to take off from work, find babysitters or other arrangements for small children, and possibly obtain passports and visas for their travels. Anything shorter than this time period will make your friends and family members feel like you are eloping rather than planning a destination wedding. Don’t forget to memorize your wedding with photos. Hire internationally recognized professional San Miguel de Allende wedding photographer specializing in fine art wedding photography.

Save the Truly Exotic Destination for Your Honeymoon

While you may be dreaming of a trip to Polynesia for a one of a kind wedding, be aware that your guests may not be able or willing to travel there with you. It is often a better idea to have a honeymoon planned for a remote part of the world than trying to drag your whole family there with you. Choose a less exotic destination for your destination wedding if you want your loved ones to follow you there.

Rent a Guest House

At your destination wedding rent a large guest house where your guests can sleep. This will help to keep your guests together and defray their costs. Find a central location that is large, comfortable and has amenities for your guests. Having a guest house set up may lure your guests to the destination wedding easier than if you simply had them book their own hotel rooms.

Have a Small Wedding Locally

While the point of having a destination wedding is to be away from your home, some relatives, particularly those who are older or have health problems, may not be able to attend a location so far from home regardless of how you prepare. Having a small event such as a dinner or bringing them to city hall to complete the marriage paperwork may leave them with pleasant memories of your wedding day, even if you consider a destination wedding to be your true wedding day.

It can be hard to get guests to attend your destination wedding but taking the aforementioned steps can help to increase the chances that your loved ones will attend your special day.