Dealing with a Challenging Relative at a Wedding

Some of your relatives may have well-deserved reputations for being difficult. While you may feel obligated to invite them to your weddings you may be secretly nervous of the impact they can have on the enjoyment you and your wedding guests have. Take the following steps to reduce any negative impact they may have in your wedding.

1) Pay Attention to Seating: Some people will always butt heads while others are more tolerant to one another. If you have a relative who is particularly annoying or irritating to some guests be sure to seat them near those who get along with them or are at least tolerant. You may want to even fill one or two of them in on what you are doing and ask them to watch over this particular guest.

2) Entertain Them: Some basic entertainment can help to keep your guests happy and enjoying the wedding instead of at each other’s throats. Find some local entertainer for each table and make sure it is something that the most challenging guests can enjoy, even if it is for their table only. Get an unforgettable destination wedding experience with wedding photographer Mexico.

3) Stop by and Visit Them: At your wedding, you and your spouse will be the main attraction. Be sure to spend some time visiting all of your guests, but particularly the challenging ones. Doing so can help to reduce the friction of your guests and seeing you happy may lead them to stay out of trouble, at least for your wedding ceremony.

Having said that there are unique characteristics that each person has so be sure to cater your response for the relative at hand. Unfortunately, this may be a distraction during your big day but family obligations may be something you need to take care of.